Schedule of sports events this 2022

Pushnaija: Schedule of sports events this 2022

Many big athletic events are still being cancelled or postponed as a result of the continuing coronavirus epidemic. However, this does not stop other sports from continuing to appreciate the hard work of passionate athletes. Take a look at the calendar below for a month-by-month breakdown of some of the world’s largest athletic events.

With so much to look forward to in 2022, please take note that not every athletic event can be covered here. However, we have attempted to include all of the main sports’ important sporting events, primarily international tournaments. Moreover, this list is subject to change regularly as it is deemed fit. Check out the schedule of sports event for 2022 below:


January 1Ice Hockey2022 NHL Winter Classic
January 1 to 9Darts2022 WDF World Darts Championship
January 1 to 9Tennis2022 ATP Cup
January 2 to 14Rally Raid2022 Dakar Rally 
January 5 to 20Draughts2022 World Draughts Championship match
January 7 to 9Fistball2022 Men’s and Women’s European Indoor Fistball Championship
January 7 to 9Speed skating2022 European Speed Skating Championships
January 7 to 23Bowls2022 World Indoor Bowls Championship
January 8 to 23Multi-sport2021 World Para SnowSports Championships
January 9 to 16Association football2021 Africa Cup of Nations
January 10American football2022 College Football Playoff National Championship
January 10 to 16Figure skating2022 European Figure Skating Championships
January 12 to 15Indoor hockey2022 Men’s and Women’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship
January 13 to 23Handball2022 African Men’s Handball Championship
January 13 to 30Handball2022 European Men’s Handball Championship
January 14 to 16Bobsleigh & skeletonIBSF European Championships 2022
January 14 to 16Short track speed skating2022 Four Continents Short Track Speed Skating Championships
January 15 to 16Luge2022 FIL Junior European Luge Championships
January 17 to 23Field hockey2022 Women’s Hockey Africa Cup of Nations
January 17 to 30Tennis2022 Australian Open
January 20 to 23Figure skating2022 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships
January 20 to 30Field hockey2022 Men’s and Women’s Pan American Cup
January 26 to 29Ice climbing2022 UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships
January 28 to 29Canoeing2022 Oceania Canoe Slalom Championships
January 28 to 30Speed skating2022 World Junior Speed Skating Championships
January 28 to 30Speed skiing2022 FIS Speed Skiing World Championships
January 29 to 30Indoor rowing2022 European Rowing Indoor Championships


February 2 to 6Indoor hockey2022 Women’s and Men’s FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup
February 3 to 6Triathlon2022 World Triathlon Winter Duathlon Championships
February 3 to 12Association football2021 FIFA Club World Cup
February 4 to 5Skyrunning2022 Skysnow World Championships
February 5 to 6Motorsport2022 Race of Champions
February 6American football2022 Pro Bowl
February 10 to 14Snooker2022 World Women’s Snooker Championship
February 11 to 13Badminton2022 Oceania Junior Mixed Team Badminton Championships
February 11 to 13Basketball2022 FIBA Intercontinental Cup
February 12Formula racing2022 Mexico City ePrix
February 12 to 21Handball2022 Asian Women’s Junior Handball Championship
February 16 to 27Ice stock sport2022 Icestocksport World Championships
February 18 to 27Archery2022 World Para Archery Championship
February 19 to 20Sport fishing2022 Ice Fishing World Championship
February 20Stock car racing2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series
February 23 to 27Sled dog racing2022 IFSS On-Snow World Championships
February 25 to 26Indoor rowing2022 World Rowing Indoor Championships
February 26 to 27Table tennis2022 Europe Top 16 Cup


March 2 to 5Speed skating2022 World University Speed Skating Championships
March 3 to 6Tug of war2022 Tug of War World Indoor Championship
March 4 to 6Short track speed skating2022 World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships
March 5 to 11Alpine skiing2022 World Junior Alpine Skiing Championships
March 6Motorcycle racing2022 Qatar motorcycle Grand Prix
March 7 to 13Figure skating2022 World Junior Figure Skating Championships
March 7 to 13Wrestling2022 European U23 Wrestling Championship
March 10 to 13Carom billiards2022 UMB World Three-cushion Championship for National Teams
March 10 to 13Ski jumpingFIS Ski Flying World Championships 2022
March 15 to 20Goalball2022 Goalball Youth World Championships
March 18 to 27Shooting2022 European Shooting Championships
March 23 to 27Bandy2022 Women’s Bandy World Championship
March 25 to 27Parkour022 Parkour World Championships
March 27 to April 9Chess2022 European Individual Chess Championship
March 28 to April 1Pool2022 WPA World Ten-ball Championship


April 1 to 3Judo2022 European Judo Championships
April 2 to 9Flying disc2022 World Beach Ultimate Championships
April 2 to 10Darts2022 WDF World Darts Championship
April 2 to 10Fencing2022 Junior and Cadet World Fencing Championships
April 6 to 9Parachuting2022 FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving
April 6 to 10Equestrianism2022 FEI World Cup Final
April 8Horse racing2022 Grand National
April 20 to 22Cheerleading2022 World Cheerleading Championships
April 20 to 24Mountain biking2022 UCI Mountain Bike Masters World Championships
April 23 to 30Air sports2022 FAI World Paramotor Championships
April 29 to May 6Sailing2022 A-Catamaran World Championship


May 1Dancesport2022 WDSF PD Latin World Championship
May 4 to 8Floorball2022 Women’s Under-19 World Floorball Championships
May 7Triathlon2021 Ironman World Championship
May 8 to 15Badminton2022 Thomas & Uber Cup
May 11 to 15Karate2022 European Karate Championships
May 12 to 16Sailing2022 Lightning Master World Championship
May 13 to 29Aquatic sports2022 World Aquatics Championships
May 19 to 22Taekwondo2022 European Taekwondo Championships
May 21Mountain biking2022 UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Championships
May 21 to 29Powerlifting2022 World Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championship
May 26 to 29Canoeing2022 European Canoe Slalom Championships


June 1Fencing2022 European Fencing Championships
June 2 to 6Athletics2022 African Championships in Athletics
June 4 to 5Karate2022 Oceanian Karate Championships
June 4 to 11Air sports2022 FAI World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championship
June 6 to 12Triathlon2022 World Triathlon Multisport Championships
June 13 to 19Wrestling2022 European Cadets Wrestling Championships
June 20 to 30Parachuting2022 CISM World Military Parachuting Championship
June 27 to July 2Softball2022 European Softball U-22 Women’s Championship
June 29 to July 9Lacrosse2021 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship


July 1 to 3Fistball2022 Men’s and Women’s European Fistball Championship
July 1 to 17Field hockey2022 Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup
July 1 to 24Cycling2022 Tour de France
July 2 to 16Gliding2022 FAI World 13,5 m Class Gliding Championship
July 18 to 23Finswimming2022 Finswimming Indoor World Championships
July 19Baseball2022 Major League Baseball All-Star Game
July 23 to 31Air sports2022 FAI F4 World Championships for Scale Model Aircraft
July 26 to 31BMX racing2022 UCI BMX World Championships
July 30 to August 7Water polo2022 FINA Men’s Youth Water Polo World Championships


August 1 to 9Shooting sports2021 World Running Target Championships
August 3 to 14Handball2022 Women’s Youth World Handball Championship
August 5 to 13Archery2022 World Field Archery Championships
August 7 to 14Judo2022 World Judo Championships
August 10 to 13Artistic swimming2022 FINA World Youth Artistic Swimming Championships
August 10 to 13Miniature golf2022 World Minigolf Championships
August 15 to 21Beach Volleyball2022 European Beach Volleyball Championships
August 19 to 20Korfball2022 World Beach Korfball Championship
August 27 to September 10Water polo2022 Men’s European Water Polo Championship


September 2 to 4Bodybuilding2022 IFBB World Fit Model Championships
September 6 to 11Pool2022 WPA World Teams Ten-ball Championship
September 8 to 11Para-cycling2022 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships
September 9 to 11Rugby sevens2022 Rugby World Cup Sevens
September 14 to 18Rhythmic gymnastics2022 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships
September 17Ultra running2022 IAU 24 Hour World Championship
September 18 to 25Road bicycle racing2022 UCI Road World Championships
September 25 to October 20Futsal2022 AFC Futsal Asian Cup
September 27 to October 10Shooting sports2022 World Shotgun Championships


October 2 Marathon2022 London Marathon
October 9 to 16Bandy2020–22 Bandy World Championship
October 23 to 30Basque pelota2022 Basque Pelota World Championships


November 5 to 6Cyclo-cross2022 UEC European Cyclo-cross Championships
November 5 to 13Floorball2022 Men’s World Floorball Championships
November 11 to 13Sambo2022 World Sambo Championships
November 16 to 19Trampoline gymnastics2022 Trampoline World Championships
November 24 to 27Karate2022 Asian Karate Championships


December 10 to 17Field hockey2022 Women’s FIH Hockey Nations Cup
December 17 to 18Draughts2022 Draughts World Championship Rapid

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