Five of the most wholesome moments in sports history

When you watch sports on TV, most of the time you’d see athletes or teams try to outplay each other in the best way possible. Rarely do you find competitors show genuine respect towards their opponents aside from the occasional handshakes or hugs after a game. You can watch clips of them online, but Pushnaija is here to give you a list of five of the most wholesome moments in sports history:

Alistair Brownlee helps his brother finish the World Triathlon Series

Brothers Alistair and Johnny Brownlee are British teammates competing in the World Triathlon Series in 2016. Unfortunately, in the last kilometre of the run, the heat and exhaustion takes its toll on Johnny’s body and nearly faints. Alistair, who was in the lead, chose to go back to his brother and join him in crossing the finish line. Johnny finished second place and Alistair finished third.

Nikki Hamblin accompanies Abbey D’Agostino to the finish line

Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’Agostino are middle distance runners representing New Zealand and the United States, respectively. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the two runners were neck-and-neck, and both of them fell. D’Agostino suffered a leg injury from the incident, but Hamblin chose not to finish the race just yet. She helped D’Agostino up and crossed the finish line with her.

This moment captured the attention of sports media all over the world, and Hamblin was awarded the Rio 2016 Fair Play Award because of it.

Danny Vukovic rescues an injured seagull on the field

During a football match between Sydney FC and Melbourne City, defender Sebastian Ryall was going for a clearing pass when the ball hit a low-flying seagull. The bird fell on the field and caused confusion among the players until finally, Ryall’s teammate Danny Vukovic signalled a referee to pause the match.

Vukovic carried the injured bird to the side of the field to be treated, and everything seemed okay when it was seen being stroked by the ground staff.

Rafael Nadal stops a match to help a mother find her daughter

Tennis star Rafael Nadal was playing a doubles match when he noticed a commotion coming from the audience. Apparently, a mother was frantically looking for her lost child. He stopped playing and allowed other members of the audience to look for the girl. Eventually, the girl was found, reuniting with her mother in tears.

Mutaz Barshim and Gianmarco Tamberi share the Olympic gold medal

Mutaz Barshim from Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi from Italy are high jump rivals who crossed paths with each other in the 2020 Olympics. In the final round, both Barshim and Tamberi reached a height of 2.37 metres. This tie has prompted the official to have both of them do a ‘jump-off’. However, Tamberi suggested that both he and Barshim get a gold medal instead since they just cannot outperform each other.

When the official said that it was possible to have both Tamberi and Barshim win the gold medal, the Italian just looked at his rival, shook hands and hugged. Both Qatar and Italy get one gold medal in their tallies.

Showing respect and compassion towards your rivals will earn you the same in return, which is why sportsmanship is an important virtue of an athlete. Taking a look at the five moments on this list will make you think that it’s not just the desire to win that makes an athlete great. Sometimes, it’s the moments of pure humanity that gets an athlete written in the books of sports history.

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