NBA Games Today Live Stream & TV Channel NBA Basketball 2020

NBA Games Today Live Stream & TV Channel NBA Basketball 2020 Full HD

NBA Games Today Live Stream & TV Channel NBA Basketball 2020 Full HD

NBA Games Today Live Stream & TV Channel NBA Basketball 2020 Full HD

NBA Games Today Live Stream Free online

Obviously, NBA is one of the most popular and loved sport by numerous basketball sports fans all around the world

And the restart of this season in the Orlando bubble technically came Thursday night with a doubleheader featuring Pelicans vs. Jazz and Lakers vs. Clippers

Base on records, the Saturday’s slate of NBA games is the second in what will be 15 straight days of nonstop basketball.

Each of the 22 teams that were invited to resume the NBA season after four-plus months away from the court is scheduled to play eight seeding games before playoffs

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Houston’s thesis is based on three pillars: win the 3-point battle, the free-throw battle and the turnover battle.

Everything else is immaterial if they just own those three categories. In service of those goals, they have eschewed the center position entirely.

Not only does that give them more shooting, but it takes their worst ball-handler off of the floor to help limit turnovers

And it allows them to switch every screen defensively, effectively cutting off all open 3-point attempts for an opponent

That strategy played out flawlessly in their battle with the Bucks. Milwaukee had 40 more points in the paint and 29 more rebounds than Houston on Sunday

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And it didn’t matter because the Rockets forced 14 more turnovers, took eight more free throws and, most importantly, attempted 26 more 3-pointers.

The Bucks are a fairly modern team in their own right. They take only 5.6 fewer 3-pointers on average than the Rockets.

But Houston’s defense so effectively cut off their open attempts that Milwaukee not only took fewer 3s than they do on average

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The resounding success of the bubble’s first few days made the sobering reality of Sunday that much more jarring.

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Meanwhile Jonathan Isaac was the first player to suffer a seemingly serious injury. In all likelihood, he won’t be the last.

Going from four months off back into high-level professional basketball so quickly was always going to increase the risk of injuries. Isaac already had red flags.

Had the season not been extended, he wouldn’t have played at all for the Magic after suffering a serious knee injury in January

Meanwhile, NBA had to pack up to six games per day over the span of a couple weeks a beautiful sight for basketball fans.

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