Japanese F1 GP Race Live Stream & TV Channel Formula 1 2019

Japanese F1 GP Race Live Stream & TV Channel Formula 1 2019 Full HD

Japanese F1 GP Race Live Stream & TV Channel Formula 1 2019 Full HD

Japanese F1 GP Race Live Stream & TV Channel Formula 1 2019 Full HD

Japanese GP Race Live Stream Free online

Mercedes looked in good shape on Friday. But the track is likely to be in a completely different shape come Sunday, and further rain could play a role in proceedings.

Hamilton says he likes the idea of compressing F1’s usual three-day format into two days.

“I don’t mind it,” said Hamilton. “I’m happy for them to do that every year. How many Thursdays [does] that give us back

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Will that help Ferrari continue their run of pole positions Or will Red Bull be in the mix at their engine supplier’s home race Make your Japanese Grand Prix predictions now.

“I’m definitely down for that, shortening the weekend, that sounds good. I think it’s quite cool when it’s a little bit different, the format’s different on a Sunday.

“Having that difference, it’s a different mentality to enter into, two different mindsets in the day, two different rhythms.

Normally you have time after qualify with one the rhythm to then calm down and chill and ramp up to next day.

But you’ve got to do it on the same day. It’s a different challenge, so I like that.”

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Formula 1 is considering whether to trial a new qualifying format at up to three races next year.

This has prompted objections from those who believe the weekend structure should remain the same as all championship rounds award the same number of points.

However Hamilton would like to see more variation between weekends.

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“I hope they do some different formats moving forwards, but for different races as well and not just the same format for 22 races, 23 races,” he said.

“I hope they change it for different tracks where there could be this weather or tracks that are not fun to watch the race

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Sebastian Vettel disobeyed team orders to let in-form team-mate Charles Leclerc pass him in the Russian Grand Prix, as part of Ferrari’s race plan.

Hamilton cannot win the Championship in Japan, but if he triumphs at Suzuka, he could potentially seal the crown in Mexico.

And All the track running at Suzuka this weekend will take place on two days Friday and Sunday due to the arrival of Super Typhoon Hagibis on Saturday.

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