WWE Smackdown Live Stream & TV Channel Today November 20/11/2018

WWE Smackdown Live Stream & TV Channel Today November 20/11/2018 Full HD

WWE Smackdown Live Stream & TV Channel Today November 20/11/2018 Full HD

WWE Smackdown Live Stream & TV Channel Today November 20/11/2018 Full HD

WWE Smackdown Live Stream Free Online

This one seems pretty obvious (playing by the rules wasn’t getting him anywhere and he really wanted to prove he could hang with the Beast).

And as we’ve seen the last couple nights in Los Angeles, the less said, the better.

Bryan’s wicked grins before and after he took Lesnar to the limit said more than any promo could – even one from a really gifted mic man like DB.

Also pretty obvious, but in this case I’d argue WWE should just go ahead and let the Queen state her case.

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Starting with SmackDown Women’s champion Becky Lynch’s SummerSlam turn, WWE’s embraced a John Cena/Roman Reigns-esque “cheer or boo who you want, for whatever reason you want” approach to their women’s division – especially on the blue brand.

Flair’s really already answered this question with things she said during her Survivor Series match and on social media since: Rousey’s arrival and Becky’s ascent have led to people forgetting how important she is, so she did something to remind us all.

There’s no way this won’t be a heel promo, but if they don’t script her to actually blame the fans for her actions, she’s still shades of gray for folks who want to cheer her/justify her change in attitude.

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The really interesting thing here will be to see how Lynch is presented.

Eventually, he’ll have to speak again, and in so doing provide some answers.

But just as the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins feud on Raw was a lot more interesting before Dean opened his mouth

Watching Daniel drive Styles and us mad with that grin in lieu of an explanation will be more fun… at least for a couple of weeks.

Shane is already promising change, but will that come in the form of his slow return to villainy? Or something more substantial about how the show is put together and presented?

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The elimination tag teams were picked by captains as opposed to their being decided in qualifying matches.

Streaming: WatchESPN, Strikeout.me, FOX

Maybe that’s the first step toward the “sports presentation” Fox is rumored to want?

In addition to Bryan, tag team titleholders The Bar & United States champion Shinsuke Nakamura are also heels – and that’s without getting into the guys who seemed poised to challenge Styles like Randy Orton & The Miz, or his frequent challenger Samoa Joe.

If it another run as a bad guy for Shane O’Mac, the blue brand will need some faces to rise to the occassion.

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