Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream & TV Channel

Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream & TV Channel NFL 2018 Live Streaming Online Full HD

Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream & TV Channel NFL 2018 Live Streaming Online Full HD

Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream & TV Channel NFL 2018 Live Streaming Online Full HD

Chiefs vs Steelers Live Stream Free Online

The Steelers are coming off a rather disappointing tie against the Cleveland Browns. They have to bounce back and get a big win in Week 2, considering their schedule gets considerably harder as the season drags on.

With the Bengals now at 2-0, the Steelers need to gain a win to get early position in the division. Thus, with a young, upstart Chiefs team coming to town, the Black-and-gold need to be ready.

Patrick Mahomes is a young gunslinger who reminds me a ton of Brett Favre with his arm and do-or-die tactics.

For a second-year QB, Mahomes looked very comfortable against the Los Angeles Chargers last week. He had a great game and was slinging the ball around with ease.

He’s a rare breed of being a great deep passer as well as being extremely accurate. If that wasn’t enough alone, the guy is mobile and can scramble at will.

Tyrod Taylor gave the Steelers fits on the ground last week, so that will be an aspect to watch for the Steelers.

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Needless to say, he’s only played two games, but the young Mahomes looks like a future superstar.

Coming out of the Draft, I was very high on him, and so was resident Behind the Steel Curtain draft analyst Nick Martin. He will immediately test this secondary’s ability to defend the deep ball.

As for the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger is coming off of one of the worst games of his career. He almost single-handedly caused the tie with the Browns by coughing up the ball five times, with three of those being interceptions. He’s missed a good portion of the week with an elbow injury, but I believe he will play and be just fine.

Usually after Ben as a bad game, he finds some way to miraculously bounce back. I’m expecting a big game from No. 7, but if he doesn’t play, I’m not that confident in Joshua Dobbs.

I supported the decision to keep him over Landry Jones, but it’s simply undeniable that Dobbs isn’t ready to start a game against an upper-tier team and lead the Steelers to a win.

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If Dobbs plays, he’ll have to be much more of a game manager, but considering the team they’re facing, he’ll also have to be a gunslinger and create big plays.

Advantage: Steelers, if Ben plays.

Skill Positions

The Chiefs trot out one of the most dangerous arsenals of weapons in the NFL. Led by stud speedster Tyreek Hill, this team might have the deadliest vertical passing game in the league.

Hill himself could have a huge day with both Steelers corners injured heading into Sunday. Hill is no longer just a one-trick pony either.

He showed in Week 1 that he can run a variety of other routes, and that’s a huge difference from the previous years where Hill had little semblance of a route tree. His companion on the other side is Sammy Watkins.

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Watkins wasn’t worth the $16 million it took to sign him, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a threat. Watkins is speedy as well and can be fleshed out into the slot in a variety of exotic looks.

If Artie Burns plays, Cam Sutton likely has to slow down Watkins, Sutton is likely up to the task, but Watkins is good enough to get his catches.

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Chris Conley and DeMarcus Robinson are excellent depth receivers if they decide to look the football in. Robinson, in particular, has a bad case of the dropsies.

But that’s not the end of it, as borderline Top-5 running back Kareem Hunt patrols the backfield.

The Steelers shut him down in Week 6 of last year, but Ryan Shazier was a huge part of that effort.

Hunt is speedy and agile and he’ll make you miss if you don’t tackle well enough. For Pittsburgh’s sake, Jon Bostic is going to need to have a good game on run-defense.

Mahomes won’t check it down very often, but Hunt is a huge threat in the receiving game too.

On top of all that, Travis Kelce is one of the biggest mismatches in the game at Tight End. If there’s one Chief who has diced the Steelers, Kelce is the guy.

Rookie Terrell Edmunds will be tasked with stopping him. Edmunds played lockdown against David Njoku last week, so a similar performance would be great.

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